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PSC is uniquely positioned to offer you the services and products you need to get the most out of your Williston Basin production. With over 200 gas lift projects completed in the Williston Basin since 1972, our system design expertise and knowledge of the Williston Basin formations ensure your continued success.

  • Gas Lift Evaluation, cost/benefit analysis
  • System Design and Installation
  • Production Optimization
  • Plunger Lifts
  • Operating costs are typically low compared to other artificial lift systems
  • The initial cost of down-hole equipment is relatively low
  • Production rate can be controlled at the surface
  • Sand and proppant in the produced fluid does not affect gas lift equipment in most installations
  • Production Flexibility – Gas lift installations can be designed from one to many thousands of barrels per day. Installations can be designed to accommodate changes in production volumes and well characteristics.
  • Relatively few moving parts give it a long service life compared to other systems
  • Ideally suited where moderate and large amounts of gas are present in production
  • Gas lift is not adversely affected by deviation of the well-bore
  • The major piece of equipment, the gas compressor, is installed on the surface where it can be easily inspected, maintained and repaired. It can be driven by either gas or electricity